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AoS is a MOBA game which two teams of 4 on each side taking out each other, the towers and base. However, unlike many common MOBA games this is mostly controlled by keyboard as there is no 'auto-target system' or point and click with the scrolling action. The Skill Rank is also included from the PvE to enable to do additional actions and in the air by leveling the ability. And though you can play with playable characters (e.g. Black Lambs), you can also play NPCs, Villians and Boss. There is also some customization for the Black Lambs which enables costume from the PvE, HOWEVER it is NOT POSSIBLE to transfer the stats from the PvE as the PvP stats are seperate. There is only 1 map currently.

How to Create Party/Custom GamesEdit

If you don't want to play queue up with other strangers and want to play with friends even play Co-op vs AI then here is how (pictures only):

For Partying into Normal MatchesEdit


For Creating/Joining Custom GamesEdit


Character Selection Edit

During blind pick players select a character and skill sets. Meaning that you can choose the same characters but a different skill set for that character. Then they can choose what costume from the PvE characters. You can play as other charaters too.

Skill setsEdit


The current roster during OBT

Names Set # Skills
Seha Lee 1
Seubi Lee 1
Yuri Seo 1
Calbak Tucks
Beast (?)
Euni Somg

Minimap for Demi Plane

Map SelectionEdit

There is currently only 1 map released. The Demi Plane.


Controls For PvPEdit

PvP Controls

Controls for PvP

P= Charater Info window

I= Shop window

B= Recall


1~6= Quickslots

Ctrl + ? : Camera angle/Level Skill

F2~F4= Other playser(s) camera (?)

Shift+A= Ping

Shift+S= Alert

???=Surrender Vote(?)

PvP InterfaceEdit


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===Character Skills,Stats and Item Slots===

The general info of your character's stats,skills, items and gold. You can use active items (1~6), cheak buff/debuff, leveling up abilites and bring up the shop interface manually.

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=Attack Damage

=Magic Damage

=Movement Speed


=Magic Resist

=CoolDown Reduction

Character Info/(?)Edit

This shows detailed stats about your character and (others).Edit

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Score interfaceEdit

The top right corner of your screen is your score, team kills and game time. 

Shop InterfaceEdit