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SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Breaking a rule may result in a ban.

  • Keep everything CANON! (That means official, 100% confirmed stuff only.)
    • This means NO SPECULATIONS. Please keep that on your user page or make a post on the forums.
    • The only information that may be a bit off canon are translated names.
    • You may put in your recommendations, but absolutely no arbitrary opinions (e.g. proclaiming a character/skill/item sucks)
  • No inappropriate behavior or profanity. (includes, but is not limited to: cursing, etc.)
  • No vandalism. (includes, but is not limited to: blanking out a page for absolutely no reason, putting inappropriate pictures on pages, etc.)

How to help out

Before you help out, please read the Rules section.

  • Do you see something or someone acting inappropriate?
  • Do you know Korean? Help out in the Translator's Lounge!
    • You may correct any names that are inaccurate in the wiki as well.
  • Do you have access to the game?
    • Help fill out any missing skill information! Several skills are currently lacking information.
      • It would also be helpful to include information about gimmicks some skills may have in the Trivia section, for example: Seulbi's 1-3 skill pulls monsters in.
    • Help update any out-of-date Skill Icons by uploading your own. Make sure they are 52x52px, .png extension, and REPLACE the current image instead of creating a new file.
      • If you cannot or do not wish to do this, you can just ask an admin (make sure they're active) to help you. Remember to provide screenshot of the skill.
    • Help fill out dungeon information, and provide screenshots of any Dimensional Monsters we may be missing.
    • Help fill out information about PvP Mode (AoS).
    • Help fill out information about NPCs: The items they sell, their personality, etc.
  • Do you have information about the game?
    • Help fill out anything you know in the respected categories! Any information at all is greatly appreciated. Just be sure it's official and not a speculation!

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