AoS modeEdit

AoS mode is like playing League of legends...just in Closers! Both teams will be supported by minions which are being spawned at the base and statues (turrets) which are placed at specific parts of the map. The battles are up to 5 vs 5, but you can start with less players as well.

Leveling up and getting moneyEdit

Once the game has started every character will start with fixed stats and money amount. Leveling up is easy, I mean what could be easier than killing few minions? However comparing that to the reward you get for killing a player is impossible, the higher the risk the higher the reward right?

Money tableEdit

Starting money - 700 gold

Killing a player - 600 gold

Killing a mini boss - 200 gold + a team buff

Killing a minion - From 35 to 200 gold (depends on what kind of minion)

Winning the gameEdit

The rules of winning are simple, you must destroy every statue (turret) on the way to enemy's base and take down their crystal and the match is yours.

Item shopEdit

Now that you got all that money, you should buy some upgrades.

Seha Lee shop
Item name Price Effect Picture
Razor Blade (면도날) 400 +10 Physical attack
Razor blade
Hermes Sandals(헤르메스 샌들) 1300 Movement speed increase?
Hamess sandals
(징동 패기) 1100
Unknown item 1
(익탈의 소용돌이) 1980
Unknown item 2



So far there is only one known map. You can see the preview and the map below.

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