Demi Plane is the first current map, each side with 3 lanes and jungle camps symmetrical with 3 middle camps. This is the most basic layout of the mode as its familiar like as other common MOBA games.



Minimap for Demi Plane

Each lane has different advantages and disadvantages when laning against each other. Jungle is even until the middle area camps are considered.

Top = Longest lane that is elevated at the middle area, making it harder to striaght skillshots and can be controlled more easier with ariel diagional skillshots. Junglers will only have access to gank the middle area.

Mid = Shortest lane that will have access to other lanes therefore must be controlled fullly. Junglers can gank from behind or run straight throught the middle entrance of the jungle and also will have an easier time diving towers.

Bot = Safest lane with a large area to run around. Great for those who dosen't have alot of mobility. Junglers will have a hard time ganking bot.


Jungling is the most efficient way for gaining gold and exp for you and your team as sharing experience/gold is difficult. They can help other lanes in their free time however they have to choose to farm jungle camps or ganking lanes.They also have to keep track of Gold Camps and Buff Monsters as it may turn the tides.They can also scout enemey junglers by pressing Ctrl + left/right.  This is the most difficult role to fulfill (Least you are playing PvE...sort of). More detailed information about jungle later. 

Towers/Inhibitors(?) Edit

Towers are here to prevent advancing into their base dealing alot of damage to you if targeted but less on minions. There are only 2 kinds of turrets, inner and outer turrets (Mostly call this Tier 1 and Tier 2 Turrets). The inhibitor(?) is also like a tower, but once destroyed it will spawn super minions in that lane. Destroy all 3 inhibitors and super minions will spawn in all lanes. The inhibitor will NOT RESPAWN making it harder to make comebacks. If you can't destroy towers for some reason then some 'rotations'will help.

Gold,Experience, Spawn and Respawn timers Edit

At the start of the game you will start by having 700 gold, enough for 1 basic item and ~5 pots, or just 1 advanced item. You will gain 5 gold(?) every 3 seconds once game starts at 1:00. Once minions/jungle spawns you will gain more gold and experience by being in range, or killing it (Not sure it gives more gold by killing). Upon gaining more money you can buy more items/restock pots and level up the character too.

Gold Table Edit

[Will add more info]

Spawn/Respawn timers Edit

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Into the Jungle (WIP) Edit

Junglers will have to take buffs, gank/counter lanes, kill bosses and snowball their team to victory.