Courtesy of Kleine

Event 1: RaffleEdit

There is currently an event with these medals.
They are for a raffle to win in-real-life items.
Only Koreans may receive the items, so they are useless to foreigners. Just throw the medals away, or right-click them.

Patch: Official Agent SehaEdit

Courtesy of Kleine

Lee Seha Official Agent updateEdit

Official Agent upgrade requirements

  • lv41 above
  • 6 upgrade quests from NPCs in G tower rooftop
  • upon upgrade, new skills will be unlocked. new skill cubes will also be sold (advanced, expert level). full agent staff costume will also be given (no expiry date/dissemble/trading/rewrapping/upgradeable). PvP can choose Seha Official Agent

Teamwork Buff addedEdit

  • Depending on level, buffs can apply for different closers
  • If character has same job, the max lvl buff applies to closers
  • After entering dungeon, you can determine if you wanna use buff
  • Seha (Phy dmg +20), Seulbi (Mag atk +20), Yuri (Atk spd +2%)


  • New players from yesterday receive 10k UM
  • Dmg reduced for 1 Yuri and 2 Seha skills
  • Seha becomes more possible to move after skill casting phase/cancel/normal attack
  • Some skill description changed
  • Guro Station repeat quest credit compensation increased
  • Dungeon event quests will be changed to be performed alone
  • To a certain degree (high of course), items acquired/produced/enhanced success will be announced in public
  • Certain item stats reduced
  • Some monsters modified
  • Some character in PvP modified
  • for full info, check the link:

Update ScheduleEdit


Closers Season 1 Grand Opening!

30/12/2014: Official Agent Lee Seha.
Jan 2015: 2 Official Agents, New Closers (character), New Area.
Feb 2015: 1 Official Agent, New Closers (character), New Area.
Mar 2015: ?


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