Kalbach Tux

Name (NA)

Kalbach Tux

Name (KO)

칼바크 턱스


Unknown Legion



Kalbach Tux is one of the antagonists in the game, and the Boss of 2-7.

Normally, he is non-playable, but you can play as him in AoS.






*Skill name not official, they are placeholders until a translator can translate
*Magical Daggers - Kalbach shoots 3 magic daggers at you.
Dimensional Pressure - Kalbach summons a round aura below him. Stepping onto this aura will cause you to take small amounts of magical damage.
Lightning Awl - Kalbach calls for a lightning bolt to strike at you.
Boundary Thunderbolts - Kalbach calls for several lightning bolts to strike at you.
*Ritual - Kalbach homes into you and releases a magical blast from the ground, dealing lethal damage

Skill Image Skill Name Skill Description
Skill1 Forced Cancel Use this skill to forcefully cancel actions mid-way, dealing small AoE damage to nearby foes.
Use this skill while being attacked to instantly knockdown.
Skill2 Emergency Escape Quickly move in the direction you choose. If a direction isn't chosen, you will automatically move backwards.

If you time the skill properly, you will be invisible for a few seconds.
Otherwise, you will receive reduced damage from any attacks that may hit you.

File:KT1-1.png Skill 1 ?
File:KT1-2.png Skill 2 ?
File:KT1-3.png Skill 3 ?
File:KT1-4.png Skill 4 ?
File:KT1-5.png Boundary Thunderbolts Ultimate:?
Skill3 위상력 개방 Awakening