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Go to comments, list category name and image number beforehand, then write translation after it.

Click expand for an example:

Example Category:

  1. 한국
  2. 클로저스

Example Category 2:

  1. 이세하

Your comment should look like this: TLinst1

You don't have to follow it, as long as you make it obvious what you're translating

After you are finished translating something,
please edit the page and type ★ next to the image so that we know you translated it already.

If you need something related to the game translated, feel free to put it here, just name it something easy to remember.

Admins will be clearing already been translated posts every now and then to prevent clutter and lag


Launcher *priority translation* Edit

  1. Nxlauncher


  1. Untitled


  1. TLSeo1-1
  2. TLSeo1-2
  3. TLSeo1-3
  4. TLSeo1-4
  5. TLSeo1-5
  6. TLSeo2-1
  7. TLSeo2-2
  8. TLSeo2-3
  9. TLSeo2-4
  10. TLSeu1-1
  11. TLSeul1-2
  12. TLSeul1-3
  13. TLSeul1-4
  14. TLSeul1-5
  15. TLSeul2-1
  16. TLSeul2-2
  17. TLSeul2-3
  18. TLSeul2-4
  19. TLSeha1-1
  20. TLSeha1-2
  21. TLSeha1-3
  22. TLSeha1-4
  23. TLSeha1-5
  24. TLSehaSkill2-1
  25. TLSehaSkill2-2
  26. TLSeha2-3
  27. TLSeha2-4

Char BioEdit

  1. TLSehaBio
  2. TLSehaBio1
  3. TLSehaBio2
  4. TLSeoBio
  5. TLSeoBio1
  6. TLSeoBio2
  7. TLSeulbiBio
  8. TLSeulBio1
  9. TLSeulBio2
  10. TLMistelBio
  11. TLJBio

NPC NamesEdit

  1. 우정미 (Ponytail Girl from High School)
  2. 정도연 (Skill Cube Lady)
  3. 한기남 (Ganganam GGV Black Market)