TL;DR- So I can be less forgetful, and actually remember stuff w/o writing it or saving it on harddrive AKA my agenda. Also idc if I was putting this on public too.

Part 1 of the PvP introduction is generally done for today, while I try and formulate the gameplay sessions I haven't considered putting in the same page or seperate page as I don't like the walls of texts or draging out the page longer but thats a minor issue. The trickery is translating the items as it may cause troubles because it is still beta and it may or may not change so I decided not to do it for now. However, the pictures seems legit as it probrably won't get replaced (Then again its beta and most times they won't change it)  so I'll upload mass of it later/tomorrow.

To do list (priority):

  1. Charater Stat's info (PvP)
  2. Scoreboard
  3. Spawn & Respawn timers
  4. Jungle Camp/ Minion Explanation
  5. Begginer tips

(low priority):

  1. Take item pictures
  2. Get the 'Others' Skill Icons
  3. Reupload my PvP stat info (So I don't look bad)
  4. Torture the translators with item descriptions
  5. Torture the translators with jungle descriptions